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Hello World!

We are Lava Moon Studios

A design company & community 
Starting can be the toughest step, but at Lavamoon, we're here to help brands and individuals develop their creative ideas into professional, elevated products. We also actively engage with the global artist community, providing a platform for up-and-coming artists worldwide to express their work and passions. Joining our community means gaining access to mentorship, growth opportunities, and a vast network of fellow artists.
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Looking to start up a new company or organization? Our bronze package is perfect for you! It includes a custom logo design and unique visual identity to suit your needs.

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Maybe you have a growing business that you'd like to update? Our silver package includes custom logo design, unique branding and a creative social media presence.

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The best of the best! Our gold package Includes custom logo and branding, social media marketing campaigns and strategies, and custom print media! (letter heads, signage, etc.)

available branding packages:

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